Gladue Primer

This booklet is for Aboriginal people who have been charged with a crime and for the people who help them.

If you self-identify as Aboriginal (if you think of yourself as Aboriginal), you have special rights under the Criminal Code. These rights are often called Gladue rights. Gladue rights refer to the special consideration that judges must give an Aboriginal person when setting bail or during sentencing.

This booklet will help you to understand your Gladue rights and what Gladue means for you. And it will help you as you work with your lawyer or advocate to prepare a Gladue report.

The booklet also has a workbook and resources that will walk you and your lawyer (or advocate) through the process of preparing a Gladue report.

Note: There are important changes coming to the law that will affect Gladue rights. See our Aboriginal Legal Aid in BC website for updates. Or talk to your lawyer about any questions you may have.

See also: Are You Aboriginal? (fact sheet)

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