Are You Aboriginal? (Gladue, First Nations Court)

Do You Have a Bail Hearing? Are You Being Sentenced for a Crime? Do You Know About First Nations Court?

If you're Aboriginal, you have special rights under the Criminal Code called Gladue rights. These rights apply to anyone who self-identifies (thinks as themselves) as Aboriginal.

This fact sheet:

  • gives an overview of Gladue rights,
  • explains what these rights mean for you if you have a bail hearing or are being sentenced for a crime,
  • and
  • explains what a Gladue report is, and has some basic questions that can help you and your lawyer get started on preparing a Gladue report.

The fact sheet also has information on the First Nations Courts in Duncan, Kamloops, and New Westminster. It includes how to contact the First Nations Court duty counsel. (Duty counsel are lawyers who give free legal advice.)

See also: Gladue Primer

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