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Publication imageClear Skies
Clear Skies tells the story of Marnie and her kids who live with family violence. With the support of her community, and by learning her legal options...

Publication imageCoping with Separation Handbook
For spouses (married or living in a marriage-like relationship) who are dealing with the emotional aspects of separating. It explains the emotional st...

Publication imageIf You Can't Get Legal Aid for Your Child Protection Case
For people facing a complicated child protection hearing who have been denied legal aid but can’t afford a lawyer. Explains why you can ask for a co...

Publication imageLegal Aid Can Help You
Outlines in plain language what legal aid is, and how and where to apply for it. It also lists the phone numbers of legal aid offices in BC....

Publication imageSponsorship Breakdown
Sponsorship Breakdown is for permanent residents and conditional permanent residents who need help when the person sponsoring them in Canada is no lon...

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